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E đang đọc một vài tài liệu về kết cấu tre nhưng có vài chỗ em không được hiểu lắm, mong ai biết thì giải thích giùm em với ạ :)



The comparison clearly reveals that bamboo is better in properties than that of Spruce and equal

or more than steel in tensile strength. More importantly the failure in bending of bamboo is not

actually totally failure. Due to its strong fibers, it first cracks unlike timber which breaks if bending

fails (Janssen, 2000). This quality of bamboo gives an opportunity to repair or replace failure

parts of house. The elasticity of bamboo is better than wood for seismic resistant housing and as

has been proved in the case of several small houses. One more advantage of bamboo over timber

is that
it does not have rays
. Rays are mechanically weak therefore bamboo material is better in

shear than timber material.

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The branches must be carefully removed so that the outer skin is not

damaged. It is important to cut bamboo just above the node at the base to prevent viruses of

entering the rhizomes' network.
The height of the harvested poles
can be estimated by

multiplying the base circumference measured in centimeters by 58,2 for species with diameters

greater than 5 cm. Bamboo canes have a circular cross-section and are slightly tapered inwards:

the diameter decreases gradually from the base to the top. Shorter canes taper more

dramatically than longer ones and therefore, longer canes are more appropriate for building

purposes. The cane should be at least three years old: after the first three years of growth,

bamboo starts to silicate slowly, and is at its optimal mechanical capacity.

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harvested poles
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