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Tutorial sưu tầm

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#1 Nguyen Hoanh

Nguyen Hoanh

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Đã gửi 03 April 2007 - 09:43 AM

Tutorial Autolisp lấy từ trang Afralisp.net:

Basic AutoLisp Tutorials

AutoLisp Quick Start
The Basics in a Nutshell.
Loading Autolisp Files
Autolisp Quick Reference Table.
System Variables - Download
System Variables 2002 - Alphabetical
Topical - Download

System Variables 2004 - Alphabetical
Topical - Download

AutoCAD 2004 System Variables
AutoCAD and Customizable Support Files
Environment Variables Listing
Migrating Express Tools
Enhanced Express Tools 2002 Menu
Enhanced Express Tools 2004 Menu
DXF Group Codes - Download
AutoCAD Command History - Download
Default Drawing Folder
AutoLisp Basics - Download

Advanced AutoLisp Tutorials
Define Function (defun)
Set and Setq
Programme Looping
Cond vs If
Error Trapping
Calculating Points (Polar)
Locating Files.
File Handling.
External Data
List Manipulation.
Into the DataBase.
DXF Group Codes.
Selection Sets.
Selection Set Filters
Working With Layers Styles.
Polylines and Blocks.
Extended Entity Data.
(mapcar) and (lambda)
The 'Eval' Function.
Redefining Commands.
Efficient Variables.
The "DIR" Command.
Colours and Linetypes ByLayer
Dictionaries and XRecords.
Basic Tool System Primer

Dialogue Box Tutorials
Getting Started
DCL Primer - Download
Dialog Box Layout
Dialogue Boxes Step by Step
Dialogue Boxe in Action
Nesting and Hiding Dialogues.
Hiding Dialogues Revisited.
AutoLisp Message Box.
AutoLisp Input Box.
Referencing DCL Files.
AutoLISP Functions for Dialog Control
Language (DCL)

Functional Synopsis of DCL Files.
DCL Attributes.
Dialogue Box Default Data.
DCL Model.
DCL Progress Bar.
Attributes and Dialogue Boxes
DCL without the DCL File
The AfraLisp DCL Tutorials
Entering Edit Boxes

AutoLisp and Menu's
Partial Menu's
Partial Menu's - Visual Lisp
Custom Hatch Patterns and Menu Access
Creating Hatch Patterns
Creating Linetypes
Controlling Complex Linetypes
Automating Menu Loading
Preserving Custom Toolbars
Menu Customisation

AutoLisp Application Tutorials
Drawing Setup
AutoLisp/VBA Drawing Setup
Application Data.
Time and Date Stamping.
AutoLisp Macro Recorder.
Auto-Breaking Blocks.
List Variables/Functions.
Lisp Help.
DOSLib - Batch Slides.
AfraLisp Slide Manager
Working with Areas
Lisp to HTML
AutoCAD and HTML - AutoLisp
AutoCAD and HTML - Revisited
Environmental Issues
Quick Plot
AutoCAD Command Line Switches
David Steins's DSXTools
Dave Corrals DC-Tools
AutoCAD Setup
Express Tools Utilities
Publishing Code
Rtext and Drawing Setup
AutoCAD Binaries
PolyLine Bulges
A Look at Plan
Custom Application Setup
Standing Alone with Acad Install

Visual Lisp Tutorials
The Visual Lisp Editor - The Beginning
The Visual Lisp Editor
The Beginning
Viewing Objects
Properties Methods
Methods Reference
Selecting Objects
Error Trapping
Sample Profile Utilities
Attributes Re-visited
Loading VBA Files
Directories and Files
Compiling AutoLisp Files
VLAX Enumeration Constants
The Utilities Object
Visual Lisp and VBA
AutoCAD and HTML - Visual Lisp
The AfraLisp Visual Lisp Tutorials
David Steins's
Visual LISP Developers Bible

Visual Lisp Sample Files
Scripting Objects
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#2 malangthang_84


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Đã gửi 24 February 2008 - 10:36 AM

sao không được nhỉ. link die hết hay sao ấy. :)
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#3 Nguyen Hoanh

Nguyen Hoanh

    biết lệnh adcenter

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Đã gửi 24 February 2008 - 11:54 AM

sao không được nhỉ. link die hết hay sao ấy. :)

Đã chỉnh lại link, bạn kiểm tra lại xem!
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