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Let us look at the ten LA Lakers cards

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The MyTeam mode accessible NBA 2K20 depends mostly on participant cards, and these would be the best from the Los Angeles Lakers. The franchise did a phenomenal job of presenting just how much he intended to a fans, being the most decorated and historic at the NBA, and arguably all sports. With NBA 2K MT Coins that background comes an roster that is unstoppable. Let us look at the ten LA Lakers cards at NBA 2K20's MyTeam style and position them.


We are going to talk about it more when we get to Magic Johnson's higher overall MyTeam card, but it really is astounding what he did to evolve that the point guard position during his career. Despite standing at 6'9" Johnson was not known for getting the hops to go up and dunk with the best of these at the rim. On the end of that, he wasn't great at shooting from outside the paint. This 95 card is for all those looking to obtain a playmaking point guard that will shut down their opponent with leading ability.


As he's the player silhouetted in the logo jerry West was a basketball player, so he turned into the face of this league. West was the guy who laid a base to create NBA professions. He was also among the earlier prototypes for what the contemporary game calls"3-and-D" players. 95 rated 3-point shot for his 96 entire card and west's 97 rated midsize defense are examples of these players can be vital to their teams every given night and what this label means.


The player on this record and elgin Baylor were cut as they share lots of the exact same basketball skills that made them all time greats from precisely the same cloth in several regards. Elgin Baylor's 96 total MyTeam card buts a focus on his outside scoring in regards to shooter IQ, because he possesses a staggering 98 rating and is an assassin from mid-range with a 95 rating. He is a good finisher from the paint that comes with an impressive ability to rebound the basketball despite just position at 6'5" on his best days.


It is apparent that James Worthy is worthy of a 97 card that is entire but he is also worthy of your time and attention. He was such a good all-purpose basketball player that had no difficulty filling out the stat sheet on a nightly basis nba2king. Worthy's one drawback has always been his passing, but his card with no ratings from the mid-70s means he can still deal with the stone with some efficacy. Which should not ever be the case for a player as good as he had been when looking at the best players in the history of this league Worthy sometimes gets forgotten about.

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